[Ansteorra] Lenght of digests

Scott Mills smills at scabrewer.com
Tue Jan 19 05:58:07 PST 2010

Actually the length of the digest is not "purely" tied to the traffic.  
It is not a per user setting but it can be controlled globally for a list.

The list admin can set the the maximum digest size in KB to avoid sending
digests that are unreasonably long.  The list admin can also define if a
digest will be sent out everyday there is traffic regardless of  if the
digest size limit has been reached or not or wait until the digest limit
size as been reached.

So the result of setting a smaller limit would mean smaller and perhaps
more readable digests.  The downside would be on high traffic days there
would be multiple digests delivered.


On Tue, January 19, 2010 7:36 am, Jennifer Smith wrote:
> The length of the digest is purely tied to how many messages were sent
> in a given day. When traffic picks up, the daily digests will
> naturally get bigger.
> One option might be switching to gmail, which in addition to letting
> you filter messages into different folders, also auto-groups messages
> in the same thread together. Much easier to delete or ignore entire
> threads that way.
> -Emma

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