[Ansteorra] Ever consider a career in Medieval Smuttery?

Casey Weed seoseaweed at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 12:23:10 PST 2010

Your resident players, The Baron's Men, have daringly- some scoffers say
"foolishly"- given the spring stage to me, Hanse Kleermaker, for a taste of
really titilating Chaucerian smut with a sprinkle of juicy Italian softcore
pre-porn tossed in for flavor (Boccacio- banned in six kingdoms but so far
fair game here).  After judicious scripting and casting we are nearing
rehearsal and performance time and due to an unforeseen accident involving
gambling, a paid amorous encounter with a Bjornsborg courtesan, and what I
have become convinced is a nefarious plot by a rival troupe, we have lost an
actor.  It's okay... it was Nicholas and he wasn't that good.

I, Hanse, can make you famous.

I'm looking for a male with a pulse who can play a Really Bad Suitor .
Someone who could pass for the worlds WORST lover.  An anti-Romeo who can
hold six lines in his head.  You must be able to climb a short ladder, yearn
for a hot lady's bod, and set fire to a man's behind in a convincing manner.

Our show begins rehearsal this weekend and runs two weekends at the Curtain
straddling Mardi Gras.  We'll also be performing it ad hoc at a few events
around the kingdom.

This show is bigger than Avatar standing on the deck of Titanic reading Pulp
Fiction.  In a medieval thong.  If you take this role people will like you
even if you're a book herald... the one responsible for rejecting their
device.  You'll be so popular that they'll probably let you sit in the
baronial thrones at any event you turn up at.  Ladies will swoon; Power and
Influence will escort you everywhere you go, hanging on you like French
perfume in a Parisian heat wave.

Contact me, Hanse Kleermaker, if you're ready for true star status or if you
know someone who fits the bill who can be blackmailed into it.

Six lines to learn.
Maybe five rehearsals.
4 run nights in Austin on Fri-Sat, Fri-Sat nights Feb 12 13 19 20
Free room and board if you need it.
Free food.

seoseaweed AATT gmail  DOOOTT com

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