[Ansteorra] Slat beds

Charlene Charette charlene281 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 15:08:40 PST 2010

Yup. Francois was going to build a bed for Gulf Wars and then we
discovered one at IKEA. You have to assemble the foot and head boards,
but once they're together there's no need to take them apart again.
The bed breaks down into footboard, headboard, and side rails. The
slats are stapled to strapping so they easily roll onto the bed and
stay together in transport. We keep the nuts, bolts, and allen wrench
in a baggie tied to the headboard so no problem finding the parts; it
also needs a screwdriver, but we always travel with a toolbox. Nice
and comfy with plenty of room underneath for storage. No affiliation,
just a happy camper.


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> Don't joke! Seriously?!
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>> THey sell them in the far kingdom of IKEA...
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