[Ansteorra] Scams

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 26 07:13:04 PST 2010

There is a new scam that involves grandparents.  A person calls, bad 
connection, tells the grandparent that answers a similar story.  It goes 
back to one thing, paying close attention.  With Internet and cell phones 
etc, always verify.  As it turns out Giovanna was away from computer access 
on a planned trip when this went down.  Several of us knew she was going to 
be out of state but not everyone did, otherwise it wouldn't have gotten as 
far as it did.

This is another reason to have STRONG passwords and to keep your computer's 
virus/firewall software updated.

Lady Runa
Sher Montgomery & The Thundering Herd


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