[Ansteorra] Herald warrant class at BAM

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Mon Nov 1 08:06:20 PDT 2010

Ok, to head off a potential misunderstanding, let em clarify something.  The warranting class is needed for you to hold an official office as a herald, not just to do heralding. :-D  No class needed for field, court or camp heralding.  Might have been perfectly clear, but I felt it worth noting.

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>  A warranting class is simply a class that covers the basics of an
>  office in order to receive a "warrant" from the Crown that you are
>  qualified and charged to perform the duties of said office. Think of
>  the Herald's Warranting Class as a Heraldry 101, although it's not
>  entirely of that context, as it is generally aimed more at the
>  administrative side of Heraldry in the SCA.
>  I am sure that if one of the regional heralds has plans to hold a
>  warranting class, it will be announced in short order. Keep your eye
>  out here for that information. If you're interested in being a herald,
>  I encourage you to make contact with your local herald, or if your
>  group does not have a local herald, the appropriate regional herald,
>  who's contact information will be in the back of your Black Star.
>  YiS,
>  Jayme
>  Bordure Herald

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