[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

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Those requirements seem rather discouraging, especially for newer or infrequent fighters. Even worse, they're fairly open-ended, so the 'rules' might change depending on the Crown, the marshals, the event, and so on. It seems problematic on the surface.

Does anyone know how Atlantia's newcomers and infrequent fighters feel about this? Did various Crowns and marshals have to get together to decide what was acceptable, and what was not, or is it truly open-ended? In other words, how did it actually work out for them?


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I found this on ArmourArchive.org and thought it could spur some discussion for our kingdom. 


We have the knowledge and skills in our kingdom, money has been proven time and again to be a non-issue, and it would vastly improve the look of what we do. IIRC, then-King Inman called for no more carpet armor on the field and it was made so.

What does Ansteorra think?

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