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Traci traci at crimsonvision.net
Tue Nov 2 11:24:56 PDT 2010

Respectfully as well; I for one *strongly* disagree on the point of 'No
flash photography'.  Yes, the flash can be disconcerting at times but I
think the importance of getting the photo far outweighs the disturbance.
You can't hang a video on your wall or in a scrapbook or on your desk at
work.  Having the video in addition to photos would be great but I'm really
all about pictures.  Specifically at WoA the area was NOT well lit enough to
get photos; I tried to get some without a flash & they didn't come out even
though I was less than 5 feet from what I was taking pictures of.  I can't
express how extremely grateful I am to the photographers that were able to
capture moments I will never forget on film for me over the years.

The smoking I agree on due to the large amount of people allergic to it that
I know of personally.

As for the rest?  I feel more efforts should be made on expanding
*inclusion* efforts rather than making stricter requirements for it.  Police
your self first.  If you are not 100% period all the time don't demand it of
others.  Tell people tips & tricks if they ask but don't force it upon them.
Start a sewing/woodworking/research guild.  Donate historically accurate
pieces to your hospitilars collection or directly to those in need; some
people don't have the money to purchase or the time away from work top make
things themselves.

Yes, our society strives for historical accuracy but it is not 100
*required*.  There are other groups out there that DO require it where you
aren't even allowed to walk onto their field without being checked over by
inspectors first; if you NEED to have 100% historical accuracy at all times
to enjoy events I suggest checking them out.  Meanwhile I'll be over here
with my reasonable efforts of historical accuracy peppered with small
modernism enjoying some fantastic events.

Countess Elizabeta

On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 12:49 PM, Haraldr Bassi <
ansteorra at haraldr.drakkar.org> wrote:


> Oh, and while we are at it, can we also address flash photography and
> smoking in the primary areas of our events? I was somewhat disappointed at
> War of Ages to be sitting in a wonderful open barn structure only to be
> regularly blinded by flashes, when the area had been reasonably well lit
> with an indirect spotlight on the upper balcony.
> As an alternative, could we look into what it would take to setup a couple
> very very discrete video cameras and make the results available to anyone
> who wishes to have a "record" of their friend's moment in court? Using WoA
> as an example, nobody would have noticed or cared had their been a camera
> running on a tripod on that balcony recording everything in court, yet the
> resultant video would have been wonderful to have as a memory aid.
> Haraldr

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