[Ansteorra] Legasaltive morality.

Viviana Rowntree tinygypsylady at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 13:32:04 PDT 2010

2 additional pence...

This isn't a cheap "hobby". Most especially when some of us cannot help
ourselves and "dabble" in many of the fine arts of our time.  For instance,
I wish to have money to buy a period pavillion.  But, alas that isn't in my
near future, much less one that fits in a compact car.

Similarly, armour is a challenge.  I looked at fighting a few years back -
one of the reasons I didn't persue it was I was told "armour for your size
will be expensive".  How does one do armour that is cost effective for a
"new" existing player and yet fit?

Can I make armour? Yep but what if I suck at combat archery?

I agree with what Sir Caladin suggested.  If I ever get "good enough" to be
more than just a fighter on the field, then I will strive to be as period as
I can be within the financial constraints that I have. Just as I try to do
with all else in our group.

Its a grey area we speak of.  I applaud Atlantia if this ruling works for
their Kingdom and they do not "run off" new people.  And that would be my
query to them... how much does their Kingdom grow?  And is this rule
hindering said growth?


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