[Ansteorra] Legasaltive morality.

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Tue Nov 2 15:16:47 PDT 2010

Greetings all,

Up here in the far frozen northern reaches of An Tir, in the Principality of
Tir Righ (British Columbia, Canada) we do have a law regarding the use of
modern materials and sports equipment. I do not believe it has impeded
anyone from fighting at events. It may mean they get  help sewing a tabard /
fighting tunic and baggy pants to cover the blue plastic legs. The warfield
certainly looks better without the armored Smurf factor.


We have also had Crown Tourneys where there have been specific armor /
persona requirements, as well as "no visible modern stuff". This ensures
there are no heater-wielding Vikings, or Samurai using centerboss round
shields. I have only heard of few occasions where a fighter was told "Umm,
no, your armor and weapons do not match your persona". It may make it more
challenging for Joe Newbie to enter the List, but it IS Crown afterall. An
Tir is home to some very large Crown Lists; I have seen 110+ fighters in the
list. Could you imagine how bad it could look if half of them were in blue
plastic armor?

I have looked back at some of my earliest fighting photos, and I cringe. It
never occurred to me to wear the ugly orange kneepads _under_ the pants...
No one suggested it, we didn't have a rule. I would have certainly benefited
from either.

We also have some very tight restrictions on smoking at events; not on
Merchant's Row, the Erics, or at Court. Some events further restrict it
based on fire danger (only in camps, butts disposed properly, all common
sense stuff).

The Atlantian rules do seem to micro-manage what is allowed, rather than
allowing the group to self-regulate. I think a softer middle ground would
work well to inspire and guide a better appearance than force it.

HL William Arwemakere
Archery Champion, Bordermarch Ansteorra
An Tir

-yes, that WIlliam -

On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 2:05 PM, <rose_welch at yahoo.com> wrote:

> It's not just means that keep people from participating in the Period
> Parade. You also have to care about those aspects of history.
> For instance, my love lies in in the paper arts and sciences. I don't care
> about costuming (What's the point of nice garb, if you're just going to get
> paint on it, anyway?), I think period tents are neat but more money that I
> care to spend (Do you know how much gold foil and quality goauche I can get
> for the cost of one French bell?), and my nylon camp chair is _comfortable_,
> so why should I have to spend time and money and effort making sure that my
> clothing, tent, and chairs are perfect?
> I don't mind making an attempt - and I sit in the back at court and feast,
> and keep my dome tent in areas with other dome tents - but I'm not going to
> go crazy over it, either.
> I will say that anyone who wants me to cover my nylon chair is welcome to
> give me a cover, and I'll use it. Anyone who doesn't like my garb can make
> me new garb. If it's comfortable and I like it, I'll wear it. And so on...
> In other words, if you want me to more perfectly recreate a historical
> artist, then you are going to have to more perfectly recreate a historical
> patron. :D
> -R
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> Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Legasaltive morality.
> While I agree with a large amount of what Sir Caladin has said, I
> think that perhaps
> we should only restrict the period requirement to grant level awards
> and higher. I would expect
> a centurion or Knight to have period armor, go so far as to even
> require it. But the newer fighter
> who is more likely to earn a Falcon or Talon if anything, this should
> perhaps just be encouraged rather
> than made a requirement.
> Other than the above, I'm hesitant to tell someone they can't get on
> the list field because I don't like what
> their armor looks like. Not everybody has an endless budget. If we
> start going down this road, how long before
> we start banning dome tents?
> Jayme
> On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 3:03 PM, Eric W. Brown <Brown.EricW at jobcorps.org>
> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Re: Atlantias "Look Period Dammit" rule:
> >
> > In short: I'm against it. Legislating that kind of stuff bad, Fixing it
> your self good.
> >
> > < Caladin blunt speak on , If you can't handle blunt straightforward
> brutally honest speech, exit this message now>
> >
> > Also I think some plastic looks "okay" whole others looks terrible, so I
> have separate issues with
> > The specific wording of the Atlantian law. I think this approach is wrong
> on many levels.
> >
> > We should attack the Low Hanging fruit, work on the worst offenders
> first. Not set a bar that will drive folks out.
> >
> > In summation here is what I think the problem is:
> >
> > 1. We need to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible for newcomers,
> this is critical to growing our game.
> > 2. BUT We need to encourage new comers to get out of "Asstastic" armor as
> soon as they can.
> > 3. We need to STRONGLY encourage older fighters to hide or replace ugly
> blatantly & modern armor.
> >
> > My solution All Carrot, no Stick:
> >
> > 1. Each of you that think legislating this is a good idea, Pick the worst
> most offensive fighter you know.
> >        And make him garb and armor that can be hidden. Hidden armor is
> good armor, you can get all the sport   effectiveness you want and still
> look Seksay! You get what you want, he gets what he wants, win win. If you
>   are not_already_ doing this, then you don't care enough about the issue
> for you opinion to be counted IMHO,    and you should be ignored henceforth.
> >
> > 2. Legislate to make Fighting awards have a certain minimum understood
> Period kit look. If you can't be a centurion
> >        If you have exposed Plastic in any color but black, Or as Spun
> Dome Helmet.  those 5 year in fighters with      Blue Pickle barrel legs
> will    magically become motivated to get rid of them or cover them up. IF
> they don't'  care about getting a Sable Falcon or a Talon, then we can apply
> rule # 1. A simple as adding to the Charters "a         fighter cannot get
> this award if they have blatantly modern kit" Would do an amazing amount of
> good.
> >
> > <Blunt speak off>
> >
> > IMHO
> >
> > Caladin-
> >
> >
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