[Ansteorra] Legasaltive morality.

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Tue Nov 2 15:34:20 PDT 2010

Yes, that's where helping each other rather than rule making comes in. I don't actually advocate getting rid of the chairs.  It would be a losing battle; they are too comfortable and too cheap. They were just the most obvious example of blatant modernism at list side.   A blanket draped over the chair would be an improvement.   Covers would help them and Dama Vyolante has mentioned an article with a pattern.  I could see list field improved by heraldic displays on chair covers as the new fad. or not.  Certainly gifting and patronage builds the game.

I do not expect everyone to play to the same level or in the same way. If I did I would have quit in disgust years ago.  If this is something I care about it behooves me to help make it happen.  Respecting as I go another's right to disagree or opt out, for at times I will do the same.  After all this is but a game and he who builds the best game wins.

And please keep blessing us with the fruits of your art.


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> It's not just means that keep people
> from participating in the Period Parade. You also have to
> care about those aspects of history.
> For instance, my love lies in in the paper arts and
> sciences. I don't care about costuming (What's the point of
> nice garb, if you're just going to get paint on it,
> anyway?), I think period tents are neat but more money that
> I care to spend (Do you know how much gold foil and quality
> goauche I can get for the cost of one French bell?), and my
> nylon camp chair is _comfortable_, so why should I have to
> spend time and money and effort making sure that my
> clothing, tent, and chairs are perfect?
> I don't mind making an attempt - and I sit in the back at
> court and feast, and keep my dome tent in areas with other
> dome tents - but I'm not going to go crazy over it, either.
> I will say that anyone who wants me to cover my nylon chair
> is welcome to give me a cover, and I'll use it. Anyone who
> doesn't like my garb can make me new garb. If it's
> comfortable and I like it, I'll wear it. And so on...
> In other words, if you want me to more perfectly recreate a
> historical artist, then you are going to have to more
> perfectly recreate a historical patron. :D
> -R

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