[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 2 20:08:36 PDT 2010

A beginning fighter does not need the fancy garb, he/she needs functional 
garb.  Most new people don't know what era, what group of people, what class 
of people, etc that they want to be.  They may try several different 
versions or personas before they pick The One.  It's like picking The Name.

Chairs are easy to hide with a sheet.  Sheets can be fitted to the chair, 
painted devices on the sheets, pillows added.  Coolers, that doesn't take 
any talent to throw a twin sheet over it.  Candles can be a major fire 
hazard in a tent or around clothing.  Battery operated candles make 
excellent replacements and the wind doesn't blow them out.  A covered table 
in camp makes an excellent area to hid coolers.  As far as shoes, I have 
news for you.  I have a hyper-extended tendon in my heel and only a certain 
type of shoe allows me to walk without looking like a drunk.  If you're on 
the ground trying to see my footwear I'm probably going to stomp on you. 
Even mundane tents can be covered with painted sheets or lightweight cloths 
that have designs on them or cover them by creating a "fence" of painted 
sheets that hide the mundane tent, cooler, etc.

Use your imagination!  You have one otherwise you wouldn't be in the SCA.


> Well, yes and no, overall we seem to be doing a fairly good job of 
> approximating the garb.  Of course there is room for improvement, we are 
> still learning, not everyone's skills or focus is the same. That's where 
> helping each other out comes in. The chairs were just an example of the 
> compromises we make. Finding a way to disguise or make things look more 
> historically medieval comes next. Using the historical solution when we 
> can is the goal.  These things wax and wane.  I have not spent much time 
> watching the field of late, that is my lapse and my loss. I just know that 
> if we are going to ask the fighters on the field to improve the look of 
> the game we who watch must be prepared to do the same.
> If memory serves, seeing the collapsible camp chairs uncovered in court 
> was also one of HRM Logan's pet peeves.  I think he lost that battle, but 
> I have been wrong before.
> AEla
> --- On Tue, 11/2/10, Bill Toscano <liamstliam at gmail.com> wrote:
>> AEla: I think we need to start with
>> garb first and move onto other things.
>> I think it's easier to have "selective blindness" about
>> mundane chairs,
>> coolers and cars outside the fence than the clothing people
>> are weating.
>> Just my opinion.
>> Liam
>> On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Susan Tillery 
>> <sutillery at sbcglobal.net>wrote:
>> > If we are going to ask the fighters to improve the
>> look of their gear we
>> > need to speak to the spectators as well.  Do we
>> want to give up our modern
>> > pop up chairs? Or at least cover them with a cloth so
>> they are less
>> > glaringly modern?  Do we require our artisans and
>> scribes to use only period
>> > tools? That is the ideal and there is always room for
>> improvement.
>> >
>> > I agree that leading by example, improving my own kit
>> piece by piece and
>> > listening and sharing with others is the way to go. I
>> play infrequently
>> > myself these days and have let much of my kit fall by
>> the wayside.  If I
>> > don't continue to strive for a more medieval look and
>> feel it is easy to
>> > lapse into a gray pseudo-medieval mush, so I welcome
>> the discussion and will
>> > look with interest to see where it leads.
>> >
>> > AEla
>> >

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