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Although they're not written for children, I wonder if the letters of John
Ball might be appropriate.  They're in verse form, and since "Crispin" is
set around the same time as the Peasants' Revolt, they might add to the
students' understanding of the setting, and the forces that were shaping the
world at that time.  Depending on your students' ages, you could just give
them a modern English translation, or provide both a translation and the
original Middle English side-by-side.  The poems themselves are fairly

There are some other contemporary poems about the Rebellion, mostly
anonymous, that could also work.  You can find a few in "Historical Poems of
the XIV and XV Centuries," edited by Rossell Hope Robbins, but I'm afraid I
don't have any good translations to suggest.

Good luck!

-Catrin ferch Maelgwn

On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 6:34 PM, Dana Busenbark
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> Does anyone know of a place that has poetry written for the Renaissance
> that would have children in mind? I'm having a hard time finding something
> to use. I have my anchor piece for the Class project, Crispin by Avi, I need
> a Poem, a Short Story, a Non-fiction work, music, art, film clip (going to
> use a youtube sca fight video :), and an interdisciplinary text that is
> going to be Daily Life in Renaissance Italy.
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