[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

Haraldr Bassi ansteorra at haraldr.drakkar.org
Tue Nov 2 23:32:49 PDT 2010

It is an unfortunate fact that once smoke leaves one's lungs there is no controlling where it 
will go. It is subject only to the winds and, at least it often seems to me, will perniciously 
and capriciously seek out those who are most negatively affected by it's presence. Almost as if 
it knows we have problems with it and finds us just to mess with us.

Though some of your fellow smokers are not nearly as situationally aware as those commenting on 
the thread have shown themselves to be. Oddly enough, though I will move myself as needed, I am 
not as upset about smoke from a woodfire as I am from tobacco smoke.


On 2010/Nov/03 01:11, James Crouchet wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 3:42 PM, Celestria leDragon<
> celestria.ledragon at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> As for smoking the smokers that I know or know of including myself walk
>> away
>> and either join other smokers or stand away from the activities and people.
>> It is some of the non-smokers that come into the space we created out of
>> respect to smoke that get indignant about smoking. I have been to an event
>> that was held in a park where you could not smoke on their property so we
>> just walked across the street. It was no problem.
> Yes, you are very polite and, although smoke is an issue for me, I don't
> recall having any problem with your smoke. You are a good example of
> courtesy.
> My biggest issue with smoke is when I am on the field with my helm on and it
> fills with someone's secondhand smoke. I am breathing hard and trapped in my
> helm with that smoke. Second would be when I am sitting in my chair by list
> side and have to move to get away from the smoke.
> Christian Doré
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