[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Wed Nov 3 08:34:04 PDT 2010

Well said and it neatly encapsulates my feelings also.

In Service,
Caelin on Andrede

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> I actually had a semi-related question to this in a job interview not
> that long ago. (hear me out here... please)
> Evidently the President of Oklahoma State University had set a goal of
> making OSU the healthiest college campus in the United States, A noble
> goal, to be sure. One of my interviewers asked me how I, as a
> supervisor, would work towards that objective.
> Now, this was an admitted "off the wall" question, and really had
> little to do with the job I was interviewing for, but all supervisors
> were being asked to help with it, so...
> I thought for a second, and then came up with a shoot-from-the-hip,
> "sound bite" answer that I was comfortable with.
> "As a general rule, I believe in inspiration over regulation 99% of the
> I went on to outline that some rules were appropriate, like job
> related physical requirements, a ban on smoking in the workplace and
> the like. However I firmly believed that it was the responsibility of
> the individual, not the governing body, to step in and inspire and/or
> lead other individuals in a healthier lifestyle.
> You can draw what parallels you like, but in general this whole
> question of "regulation" within Ansteorra kind of feels the same way
> to me. Take from that what you will, I'm certainly not trying to
> preach to anyone.
> Ivo Blackhawk
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