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Huh several of us discussed these very same concepts at Samhain this last 
weekend in camp. We {some thunder camping ,as not all can} put up the two 
semiperiod tents up front at the gate to camp to give it a better luck though 
plenty of folks wanted/suggested to put the two yurts in the back. the two acted 
not only as a wall on either side but to act as part of the gate into camp. 
Looking at the camp from the very close hafla gave a very cool feeling and look. 
we as a group attempt to invite even non house to join us if they can add to the 
ovewerall cool factor whether its armor clothing camp bardic etc to add overall 
the experience.. I push my guys to cover,cover,cover,to get a more contributive 
better experience all the way around. cool.
 Kristoff Fugger von augsburg.

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People  don't talk, do.
It has always been the people that have made Ansteorra different. Here are some 
things to do.
I Create a special place within your campsite to promote your dream of 
Ansteorra. If you have a non-period tent decorate it as best you can or put up a 
privacy panel. I have used the pop up tents and put a wall hanging up to hide my 
old tent. If you don't have a wall hanging nice brocade will do. If you need 
ideas just ask me.
2. Do something "period" at the list field or in the hall. Play cards or 
Backgammon or dice. 

3 If you are Nordic or Celtic bring things to trade on a one to one level. 
People traded all the times in early cultures.
4 Invite performers over to entertain at your household feast. Just because you 
are not  nobility doesn't mean you would not have entertainment.
5 Bring period Stories and read them out loud while other play card games. 
6 encourage Courtly love and the Courtesies and flirt with everyone. 
7. Take the ideal of the Lions of Ansteorra as a model and shape the area around 
you to feel like a place in the medieval and Renaissance world.
Ask people who do that to come and teach a class or speak to your group or 
household. Seek out the knowledge you need and arrange it to taught. You don't 
need an official OK just do it in your campsite or home. Our officers are so 
busy just handling the paper work that they don't have time to organized. As 
long as you are courteous and thoughtful of the people around you there should 
not be a problem. For example don't have classes in your campsite during a major 
activity. Have an impromptu class over lunch. 

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