[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

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Coming in late on this discussion; (sorry if the horse is already dead..)
When I am shooting court I try to keep the flash off as long as is feasible,

and even then I prefer to use the smaller on-board pop-up rather than the
halogen monster
but for some few situations it, sadly, cannot be avoided..
Myself, I tend to orbit the court, so that I don't get the back of
everyone's head all the time; 
and thus manage to randomly distribute any excess photons amongst the
Fortunately the Entourages have been excellent at ignoring me wandering back
and forth ...
For non-flash situations;
Two instances spring to mind- when Northkeep arranged Coleman lanterns
behind shields to 
Illumine the court, but not to glare in the eyes of the populace; folks on
and behind the thrones 
took the brunt of the excess light that time, but the field photos were
Other time was some years ago, at Ms. Sara Penrose's Laureling; Ms. Xene let
me creep up next to her knees, 
and Sara had Knelt right under a spotlight, so the (half second, hand held,
non-flash, not even digital)
exposure gave her the most excellent halo around her hair; I really think
that was one of my best ever...
I gave copies to her at the time; she might still have them somewhere.
Point, ..I had a point.. oh, yes- good photographs can happen in dark venues
without flash, 
but they are the exception rather than the expectation.
Thanks much for your time and consideration, Pyro

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I'm often allowed to get up beside or behind the thrones to get pictures. I
really try to flash mostly to the side where the crowd is not, but that is
not always possible. As in the example, if the Crown asks that I not use a
flash then I do not, but then I mostly do not get usable pictures and people
are disappointed. Most Crowns in Ansteorra have told me they understand the
issues and appreciate the photos of their reign. I believe we can learn to
ignore the flashes much as we ignore the electric lighting, porta-potties,
golf carts, and radios that have become part of our infrastructure.

In any case, I apologize to those whose ambiance is affected. 

In Service,
Caelin on Andrede

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