[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

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Just adding the information from the current Corpora/ByLaws for 
comparison....including what constitutes an Event...Requirements for Attendance 
and Duty to Enforce Requirements.


Current Corpora and ByLaws

A. Society Events Defined
The term “Society event” refers to tournaments, feasts, and other activities 
whereby participants can display
the results of their researches into the culture and technology of the period in 
an environment which evokes
the atmosphere of the pre-17th century European Middle Ages and Renaissance. It 
also refers to educational
activities involving either one-time classes or ongoing Society university 
organizations, and meetings where
participants share skills or discuss the business of the group. All Society 
events must be sponsored by
branches of the Society, registered with the Seneschal of the sponsoring branch, 
publicized at least to the
members of that branch, and conducted according to Society rules.
B. Requirements for Participants at Society events
Anyone may attend Society events provided he or she wears an attempt at pre-17th 
century clothing,
conforms to the provisions in Corpora, and complies with any other requirements 
(such as site fees or
waivers) which may be imposed. At business meetings and informal classes, the 
requirement to wear pre-17th
century dress may be waived. All participants are expected to behave as ladies 
or gentlemen.
C. Business Requiring Prior Announcement
Formal actions and announcements with long-term impact on the Society may occur 
only at Society events
for which a full announcement including date, time, and place has been published 
in advance in the
appropriate corporate publication. These actions include Crown and Coronet 
Tournaments, Coronations and
Investitures, appointment of officers, presentation of awards and titles, 
proclamation of law, and the
establishment or advancement of branches. However, deputy officers and officers 
below principality level
need not be appointed at published events.
D. Individuals in Charge of Events
Each Society event must have one Society member appointed by the sponsoring 
branch in attendance and
responsible for the general conduct of the event. Where an event involves only 
one type of Society activity,
the responsible member is the appropriate branch officer, or someone designated 
by that officer (usually
called an Autocrat or Event Steward). Where an event includes a variety of 
activities, the responsible member
is the branch Seneschal or someone designated by the branch Seneschal (usually 
called an Autocrat or Event
Steward). Events including Society combat or combat-related activities must have 
at least one warranted
marshal, designated by the Marshal of the sponsoring branch, in attendance and 
responsible for those
E. Duty to Enforce Requirements
The officer(s) of the sponsoring branch responsible for an event shall ensure 
that the event operates
according to the rules set forth in this document. If transgressions occur which 
seriously compromise the
integrity of the event or endanger the health and safety of the attendees, the 
responsible officers shall correct
the problem immediately as follows:


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Interesting snippet on the topic from the original bylaws:


Anyone may attend meetings of the Society designated as social activities
(as in Article III, Clauses 2 and 3), provided he or she is willing to wear
pre-17th Century dress, of any period or culture, sign waivers which may be
required for such attendance, and to behave as a Lady or Gentleman. No one
shall be admitted to such functions who is not in pre-17th Century dress, or
who has not made some attempt at pre-17th Century dress, the acceptability
of said attempt to be judged ultimately by the King.

Based on the above, seems we already have a mechanism in place to determine
the suitability of dress :)



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