[Ansteorra] BAM bardic championship

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   The BAM section of the website is still referred to by it's old short
name: Melees.   And when you go to Bordermarch.org look for the scroll at
the top labeled Melees.  On the Melees Intro page there is a LOT of
information but near the top of the page is a link labeled "Bardic" and it
will take you here:

 The most up to date information available is posted to the website. 14
Battles or tourney, 2 Haflas, 10 classes, 17 Merchants, 3 Taverns, 3
Championships and more competitions then I can count with my shoes on.

In service to Bordermarch, Ansteorra and the Dream
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watering of the website.

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What is the format for BAM bardic championship.   I can't find a
reference for it on the website.
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