[Ansteorra] A Storm is Brewing

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I have to say that recipes themselves cannot be copyrighted, and if the wording was substantially changed, then it was most certainly not copyright infringement.

However, it was absolutely moral plagiarism, and the editor deserves every bit of what they are getting.

There are times that I shake my head at the Internet, and other times, like this, that I am filled with glee. :P


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This came from another SCA friend up north. There are two emails here. Enjoy the reading!

An SCA cook who runs the popular and helpful godecookery.com website
had an article used without permission or payment by a magazine called
Cooks Source.  She complained to the editor, and was told that:
1. Stuff on the Web is public domain
2. They cleaned up the writing for her
3. She should be grateful that they left her name on it, instead of
attributing it to someone else.

She posted about this on her LJ, and the word spread.  Neil Gaiman
(with 1.5 million followers) Tweeted about it.  It was picked up by
some of the major blogs, and is now hitting more traditional news
outlets, like the Washington Post.  The magazine's website is offline,
and their Facebook page is being filled with . . . many honest,
uncensored remarks.

It also appears that this same magazine may have plagiarized from
Paula Deen, NPR, and Martha Stewart.  I predict that char-broiled
editor will soon be on the menu.


Someone said pass the teriyaki sauce, and the response to that was:

Save the sauce.  At this rate, there aren't going to be enough scraps
of editor to be worth saucing.  Slashdot has picked it up, and Wil
Wheaton, and the Guardian (UK), and a blogger on Publishers Weekly.
And there are several law firms that specialize in IP/copyright cases
who would love to offer their services.

The righteous wrath of the Internet is a wondrous thing to behold.  I
could feel sorry for the editor, except that she really was asking for
it with that astoundingly arrogant email.

Schadenfreude, baby.

And I wonder why I always send out a request asking for permission to use things for my lesson plans! No matter how little it is, even in education when we're allowed to use things for educational purposes, I always ask for permission.

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