[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

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Unto Don Tivar, HL Daniel, and others who called me on this, I offer apology. I misspoke.

Yes, I found a link to the 'original Articles of Incorporation' dated 6/69 after I posted. As the earliest documetation I can currently lay my hands on, I concede the point and withdraw my statement with regret. It is not the document to which my admittedly age-affected memory was referring, but I haven't found what I WAS looking for and don't know at this point how LEGALLY applicable it was anyway. Until I find it, I am silent on this, and likely to be afterwards.

And no, Daniel, I wasn't speaking of myself. I found the SCA in 1980 and joined in 1982. I was referring to older members with whom I have spoken on this matter, whose feelings matter to me. This is not an issue where I am directly affected; I'm from the middle of the 13th century.

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>The ORIGINAL charter did not. And yes, some of us date back far >enough to remember and resent the change. 
Which "original charter" are you talking about? The original Articles of Incorporation for the SCA (dated June 18, 1969) say "pre-17th century." http://history.westkingdom.org/AHP/Articles.htm 
I know there was a widespread *belief* in the early days that the SCA's time period extended to 1650 (which still wouldn't cover someone who wanted to play 1651) but that was never in Corpora, the By-laws or the Articles of incorporation. 
  -Tivar Moondragon  
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