[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Fri Nov 5 18:54:53 PDT 2010

On Fri, 5 Nov 2010, Chris Zakes <dontivar at gmail.com> wrote:
> As is evident from our upside down award structure (knights and
> masters outranking lords) the folks who set up the SCA weren't necessarily
> all that knowledgable about history.

The First Party, retrospectively the first event of the SCA, was to
celebrate Diana Paxson, who was graduating with a degree in medieval
history.  I suspect they knew very well about medieval history -- they
just didn't care.

<http://history.westkingdom.org/Year1/FirstTournament.htm> has an
account.  Apparently the first invention was "SCA time", because it
started over 2 hours late.

Danihel Lincolnia
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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