[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

Kevinkeary at aol.com Kevinkeary at aol.com
Fri Nov 5 19:47:49 PDT 2010

It would actually be moved considerably closer to correct if we just  
acknowledged the fact that an 'Award of Arms' -- the right to inheritable armory  
-- raises you to the Gentry, makes you a Gentleman or Gentlewoman, as 
opposed to  the Yeomanry or Peasantry, and the titles Lord and Lady should be 
reserved to  the Nobility -- landed Baronys and higher.  Baronets are 
post-period, but  Court Baronys are a close approximation, and Baronets are also 
merely  Gentry.
Given that, the approximation would actually be fairly  close.
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rgferrell at gmail.com writes:

On  11/5/2010 8:37 PM, Chris Zakes wrote:

> As is evident from our  upside down award structure
> (knights and masters outranking lords)  

I've always found that one to be a head-scratcher,  too.

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