[Ansteorra] OT OP vets

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah zubeydah at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 05:03:20 PST 2010

Sincere thanks for the service of all of our veterans.  I wrote this poem
years ago for the SCA, but it was the stories of a real-life veteran of war
that inspired it.


When off to battle men they march
their weapons close at hand
the cadence of their marching feet
enough to shake the land

Above them flies the colors proud
device of those they serve
they stride along, their heads unbowed
with steely heart and nerve

But when the skirmish rages on
blood turns the earth to mire
and warriors' strength is nearly gone
the situation dire

Flags will not restore his strength
Nor leaders or their lack
What helps him through the battle's length?
Tis the 'brother' at his back

Each man, he loves his wife and babes
his country, lord and liege
But oft his thoughts of these will fade
When courage is besieged

For when he's at his last reserves
and must continue on
his vows to those with which he serves
will get him to the dawn

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