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wInterkingdom Class Description 
Class Title: Basic Forging (Blacksmithing) 101  
Teacher Mundane Name(s): James Hodek   
Teacher SCA Name(s):  HL Gunnarr haukr   
Contact phone: (   580 658-3441      ) 
 E-mail:  j_hodek at yahoo.com               
Home Branch or Group:Eldern Hills
class length

other(All Day)       

Class Format:
 Hands-on Demo : 

Class Description (as you want it in the site flyer): Learn the proper heating 
of metal for shaping with a forge, shaping metal with a forge and forge welding 
(time permitting                                              

Class Limitations (please specify):         
Numbers limited to

attending  10 
participating (4-6)  I only will have one forge and two anvils

Age limitations  (preferred 16 or older due to danger of burns)

Fee to be charged (None, but any donations of coal are appreciated)  
for attending 
for participating
Class Requirements (please mark all that apply)    
 Electrical outlet(s) 
Access to water (Yes)
ventilation (Yes)
Table(s)(specify number)
Open area (30' X 30' ) 

Other (participants should wear clothing that they don't mind getting very dirty 
and possibly have small burn holes from sparks)         
Scheduling Preferences (please mark first choice 1, etc.)(we will accomodate 
teachers the best we can)        
    1-hour Classes        2 hour classes                                
      9:30 - 10:20                  9:30 - 11:20                    
      10:30 - 11:20               10:30 - 12:20                    
      11:30 - 12:20                11:30 - 1:20                    
      12:30 - 1:20                  12:30 - 2:20                    
      1:30 - 2:20                    1:30 - 3:20                    
      2:30 - 3:20                    2:30 - 4:20                    
      3:30 - 4:20    
Are you teaching more than one class or have other scheduling issues (please 

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