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Bree Flowers evethejust at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 22:53:28 PST 2010

More shopping ideas...

BOOKS! What SCA person doesn't love books? If you want inspiration for
books that are good "general interest" things with wide appeal I once
took a course on "the 25 books that should be in every SCA person's
library", and that's a good starting point. E-mail me off-list if you
want the titles. Gift certificates to mundane book stores always go
over well in every crowd. Amazon gift certificates are particularly

Another idea would be a gift certificate to the SCA stock clerk if
they offered them. The recipient could pick a new Handbook, a back
issue of Tournaments Illuminated or that Compleate Anachronist they
always wanted. Someone should tell corporate what a good idea it would
be to offer them. Associate Memberships are a mere $22 and I have seen
these offered in exchanges or as prizes.

For the fiber-arts lover in your life:
http://whitewolfandphoenix.com/ - A source for inkle woven trim and
looms and books, lots and lots of books
http://www.spanishpeacock.com/ - More looms and books and lucets (fun
and inexpensive)
http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/ - Most of the patterns are too
specific for a random gift exchange, but the "Medieval Sewing Guide"
would be great and the Elizabethan Common Knowledge book is cool too.

http://www.thebasketman.com/ - GREAT baskets (but nothing in the $20
range alas) and lovely socks. If price is no object the unconditional
guarantee on his baskets is awesome (he'll replace/repair it even if
the damage is the fault of your own stupidity! Like say you back your
trailer over it while packing) but for a gift exchange a few pairs of
socks would be well received.

http://www.pantherprimitives.com/ - Of course we all know they do
fantastic tents, but that's probably not in your gift exchange budget
:) But they also have some neat camp gadgets like fire starting kits,
a mini spice box, camp first aid kit, horn combs, canvas buckets,
playing cards, wooden dice, needle cases, books, books and more books
and of course if you are stumped they do have gift certificates.

This is all I can come up with at the moment. I'm sure there are
others out there who have favorite merchants that have items in the
$20 and under range.

Everyone I have listed is either a merchant I have personally shopped
at and enjoyed both good service and good wares (I think having both
is essential) or that has been recommended to me by a trusted source.
Or in the case of Panther, well, EVERYONE knows about these guys
right? It's just that most of us never get past the pretty tents in
the catalog.

And this one isn't necessarily SCA appropriate, but oh how I love
their products and I totally squeeee every time one of their catalogs
arrives in the mail http://www.leevalley.com/ If you have a gardener
or woodworker in your life I advise you to keep these catalogs well
out of reach or hide the credit card.

~Eve - shopping till I drop

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 6:36 PM, Bree Flowers <evethejust at gmail.com> wrote:
> Eve's merchant list and internet shopping ideas...
> Music selections:
> http://www.vinceconaway.com/ - Hammered Dulcimer
> http://www.heatherdale.com/ - Folk singing
> http://www.wineandalchemy.com/ - A more Middle Eastern influenced sound
> http://www.wolgemut.net/wolgemut/wolgemut.html - An EXCELLENT medieval
> group. Much of the music you've previously danced to is performed by
> these guys
> Jewelery:
> http://www.the-treasury.org - Emphasis on Norse goods, but she carries
> other things
> http://www.fetteredcockpewters.com - Pilgrim badges and belt fittings,
> all cast by her hand, mostly 14th C. Everything guaranteed lead-free
> http://www.billyandcharlie.com/ - More cast pewter goods.
> http://thorthorshammer.com/ - Another wonderful merchant. Ships fast
> and only recreates extant objects. Many of which he has in his shop
> and can show you. Mostly Norse and Roman, but other stuff too.
> Try Etsy for inkle woven trim. Just put "Inkle weaving" in the search,
> sort by price and you'll usually find something suitable for trim in
> the $12-20 price range.
> More ideas when I get home from my party tonight.
> ~Eve - who LOVES to shop.

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