[Ansteorra] great gift Idea for gift exchange

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Sun Nov 14 08:26:18 PST 2010

I think that these books are very good especially Fox Davie. When husband was new the SAC the first thing he did was to buy the big Fox-Davie. 
But I do believe that there are some smaller and simpler Heraldry books out there. They are also cheaper. Did you know that most Half-Price books store have a heraldry section. I think it is over with famous quote and game books. When I say "large" Fox- Davie I mean a book that is 3 inches thick and large. Their are some other Fox-Davie books that are normal book size that will be able to give you all the answers to basic heraldry questions. They were in the 12-15 dollar range the last time I looked. 
In the middle ages, if a noble owned a book it was most likely to be on Heraldry. Everyone needs a Heraldry book. 
Duchess Willow DE Wisp
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