[Ansteorra] Shadowlanders coming to BAM? Need package transported.

Jedediah Tressler jed.tressler at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 12:39:13 PST 2010

If  you havn't been contacted yet, I can offer to transport for you.  I'll be coming to bam friday evening.

Bastian eisengart.

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On Nov 13, 2010 3:19 PM, Peter Schorn <peterschorn at pdq.net> wrote: 

Greetings.  I am Master Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd, OL, late of Ansteorra and

a Shadowlander from my earliest days in the Society.

If any Shadowlanders will be coming to Bordermarch Autumn Melees, I was

wondering if I could ask them to stop by my parents' house to pick up a

small package of great importance and bring it to me at Melees.

My parents live just outside College Station, not too far from Wellborn, and

I will make your trouble VERY worth your while.

Yours in Service

Cadfan ap Morgan

peterschorn at pdq.net


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