[Ansteorra] The Curse of Hanse

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Sun Nov 21 21:02:33 PST 2010

Think of those who attended Coronation.  Now think of those who attended Coronation and planned to attend BAM.  Next consider those who attempted to help various Lords and Ladies of our Barony to attend BAM and the dreaded Hanse Unusual Mundane Plague smite them also.

This is why The Hat has been locked in a PINK box to protect the remaining members of our great Barony and their allies.  Should this not help stop the spread of HUMP then various herbs and flowers will be placed in the locked box with the Cursed Hat to appease the evil that dwells in it.  My belief includes that the auctioneer was naught but a minion of HUMP.  This Cursed Hat has attacked not only members of our Barony but various Households, such as Raven's Thunder, Tidal Thunder and the Amazons that dwell within our boundaries and allies from other Baronies and Shires.  

With my True Baron's approval I shall start a Barony wide search for a wise woman or an alchemist to remove the HUMP from The Hat.  However, we may have to return to the old ways and offer a sacrifice.  Lady Marie du Meaux, Lady Cheer, Lord Devin and myself were attacked by HUMP and Lady Cheer wasn't even at Coronation.  The artist who painted us wearing The Hat sent the paintings throughout the Kingdom.  It seems to be able to cause HUMP to occur without being in direct contact with The Hat.  I have great fear for friends and allies who have looked upon the paintings.

Lady Runa (the second person struck down by HUMP)
Knight Marshal
Lieutenant of The Baronial Guard
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  From: Baron Brian du Val


    Good learned man, Herr Detlif,

    I believe you may be correct on the fact that it may not be cursed. It must surely be possessed. It has given bad influence and plague like symptoms to whomever possess' it or wears it. The evidence is as follows;
    The acts of Lord Hans, the acts of the auctioneer who had possession of it and helped drive the bid on it so high, the look of diabolical intent by all who wore it at coronation or held it and the effect it has had on our barony since it has been in our lands!
  I would like to see it sent to the proper secular authorities to be dealt with it in a proper manner. When we receive Lord Hans from the people holding him we will question him and hold him for one day to see if he is still under the effects of this hat. It may in fact be Lord Hans who is possessed! I ask that we seek out the proper secularauthorities to help our Kingdom be rid of this situation that plagues us so!

  Baron Brian du Val

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    On Nov 21, 2010, at 4:39 PM, HerrDetlef <herrdetlef at gmail.com> wrote:

      There is no curse. Might I suggest spraying THE HAT with some disinfectant spray, just to be on the safe side? 

      But there is no curse. Don't ask me how I know; I just do.


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