[Ansteorra] Annealing brass

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 22 17:18:17 PST 2010

For information in jewelry techniques and materials, I'd suggest you check out: 
http://www.ganoksin.com/  (otherwise the Orchid group for jewelry and metals)
The site was started by a jewelry enthusiast and former medical doctor, and is 
supported by many well known metalsmith vendors and artisans.  There are forums, 
archives, pictures, and more.  The site has also started it's own version of 
YouTube, called 'BenchTube' where you can submit and watch videos on how to work 
with metals.  The site is user supported, so throw a few dollars their way, it 
will be appreciated.   

Also check out some key vendor websites, as many will have great books on 
jewelry and metalsmithing topics as well as instructional information online.  
Specifically, check out:   Rio Grande, Otto Frei, Indian Jewelry Supply, Hoover 
and Strong, Metalliferous.  

Metalliferous carries pre-cut round disks in brass, copper and nickle 
silver that are good for award insignia - use 18, 20 and 22gauge; they sell them 
flat or pre-domed - stick with 2in and 1and 3/4 inch size circles for SCA use.   

The best book to get started with for jewelry is by Tim McCreight, called 'The 
Complete Metalsmith', it's well known and maybe found in most libraries.   
Anything by Tim is great.  The Ganoksin site also carries books by Charles 
Lewton-Brain, his works are great technical resources, self-published and 
excellent for studio and lab safety guidelines.  

A few other websites: 

For an inexpensive torch for annealing, you can purchase an inexpensive torch 
head at the hardware store that will pop onto the top of a propane cannister.  
Use it outdoors only, on a concrete or firebrick surface.   

Keep in mind, this is not historical, SCA related information, but modern 
jewelry and metalsmith processes with modern tools, but many things will still 
apply to history.  

Just a start, Hillary

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