[Ansteorra] ISo Laurels of Instrumental Repute

Zach Most clermont1348 at yahoo.com
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To reduce strain on the wood most of the existing strings may have come to you 
quite loose.  This may explain why they don't sound very good, particularly if 
they're giving out either a dull sound or a multi-frequency twang like a sitar.  
You may be able to research how this beastie was intended to be tuned and either 
tune each string by ear to that pitch or use a digital tuner.  Simple tuners are 
getting cheap these days, and there are smart phone aps that will do it.  This 
ensures the expected tension on the instrument's body so you don't warp it, 
damage the bridge or snap a string.  Take your time.  This instrument might not 
have been played in years.
  Gaston (also not a laurel, but I play a couple strange strings)

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Just remember that "restrung all at once" does not mean removing all of the 
strings at the same time.  Replace one at a time in the same day.  ;)


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I'm not a Laurel, but I do know a bit about stringed instruments.

Strings are meant to be replaceable, and are not supposed to be left on an 
instrument forever.  I would recommend replacing all of them at once *snip*

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