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Tue Nov 2 20:38:23 PDT 2010

Dear People 
I don't know about now, but I do remember a time long before Inman where the Knight marshal stopped the crown list so the Marshals could change into elegant clothing. 
Duke Inman didn't stop carpet armor because we didn't wear it. It was too hot in Ansteorra and it itched badly. We worn almost nothing but minimum armor.
We did a lot of things differently in Ansteorra and it wasn't until about 17 years ago that we started to let things go. We became the generic SCA. We stopped doing persona and we stopped pushing for events and things to have historical relevance. 
It is very hard to work on your armor and clothes and things when we don't even bother to turn off lights at feast and our courts are "good old boy fest". We have gotten so good at "living the Dream" we have stopped recreating history. One of the problems with "the Dream" is if my "Dream" is to wear blue jeans how dare you say anything. There is nothing concrete with Dreams but if we are trying to recreate medieval and Renaissance environments then there are some things not proper and there are facts to deal with. 
Someone asked me if it was "right" to force history down people's throat and I finally came up with an answers. When people join the SCA it is with an understanding that we study medieval and Renaissance cultures. If someone has come to a fighter practice or any other event they are expecting to be exposed to history. If they don't like it they can walk away but if we are going to live up to our recruitment line then we should try to teach them something. 
You can't wait for them to ask questions because a lot of very well educated people do not know the questions to ask.
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