[Ansteorra] Middle Eastern Drumming and Dancing Guild Practice tonight

Steve Scott (Dietrich) dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 3 11:34:09 PDT 2010

Tonight's practice will be held at HL Mea Passavanti's house, at 7:00pm.

If  we have any beginners, we will spend the first hour concentrating on  simple 
easy rhythms and how to play and or dance to them.  Then we will  carefully move 
on to more advanced rhythms and techniques, showing the  beginners how to stay 
with us and have fun contributing to the overall  experience.  ;-)

If you need directions please contact HL Mea or myself privately.

See you tonight!

Herr Dietrich Strobelbart

mka: Steve Scott 
832-295-3763 Home
281-731-7726 Cell
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