[Ansteorra] Neat thing Thundar did to make Ansteorra better

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Fri Nov 5 00:01:11 PDT 2010

That really sounds great. I wish I could of seen it. 
You know that most of the "special" things that have been have been done by Households. Clan Caldal used to but up big tents and sponsor dancing and bardic and we used to do the Persona taverns like the Green Dragon one at Gulf War. 
We sponsored the dancing on the Green when it was held at Warlord. The last thing we did was the Gaming tents at Elfsea and the hobby horse races. I believe that the large and small households have the answer to some of the problems of Ansteorra.
In the end the people either create their own household using older households as models or join one of the establish households or they become an household of one.  We are the models of behavior. We need to show people how to have a better time with style. You know the old Ansteorra saying "It is OK to be Wild if you do it with Style" 
I think that the households need to talk to people in general and teach how to make a better medieval or Ren environment. 
I think it would be nice if we could put up some displays of what we have done. I could bring the old Caldal wall hangings and maybe we could put up pictures I don't think I can  ask you to put up an Yurt with everything in it, but that would be nice. I have some pictures of some the really older household efforts. 
If we could just show people what they can do I think it would help. 
Since I have met the Thunder people in Ansteorra I have been very impressed with your style and your ways. I am glad you came to Ansteorra. 
Will you be at the Yule Revel I would love to hear more about what you have done. 
Duchess Willow de Wisp
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