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warning I am give grandmotherly advise again. Please delete if it bothers you or block me. it is Ok I won't get mad. 
Duchess Willow de Wisp
As I said last year this is the time to start thinking about going to Gulf War. Spend that holiday money on getting things you will need. Give needed things. Here is a list of stuff that could be useful at Gulf War.
A tent. It is more than Ok to use mundane tents at Gulf War. Their weather proofing and floors are very useful at a site that rains a lot. 
Spending a lot of money on a tent has proved wasteful for me. My tents wear out in Three years wither I buy an expensive one or a cheap one. You may have better luck but if their zippers break and they are going ot leak I would rather spend under 200.00 than over 400.00.
I am sure the list will take this up, but remember that it takes a 2 person spot to cover one SCAer so if the box says it sleeps eight that mean 4 of use can fit in it. Also count hoop shirts as one person. Sometimes it is better to take a cheap little tent and use it for storage. I will try to find my post on sitting up tents for children.  
An ice chest with wheels. I don't care how big and caring your lord is sometime you will have to move the ice chest. Wheels are a great inventution. 
Tubs. There might still be Halloween ones but after christmas their will be green and red. I am going to try to use the "fusion" Paint and decorate one. 
Velor and strecht velvet is consider a "No" for adults Costumes but are OKish for children. Big lots have throws with green,red velor and fur inside. You could make a fur lined cloak for a short person. Also Big Lots have great SCA boots for children. 
My boys used to get all excited when they could prance around in boots, tights and a new tunic at 
12th night. 
Last Christmas I talked about using tree skirts for small capes. This year I have not found anything like that. 
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