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Thu Nov 11 16:27:38 PST 2010

Why don't I give made gifts for Christmas?
I know this may sound stupid but I never think my stuff is good enough.  The few times I made things for a gift exchange got traded down until I took them myself. My feelings were hurt. If I find a nice thing that is useful at a thrift store I feel better about it and if they turn out unpopular well it doesn't reflect on any thing but my taste. 
I find great deals at thrift store. If you are looking for something "period" you have a better chance of finding something unique at a thrift store than on the Internet or a department store. 
I found a silver period spoon for my salt cellar. or for my salt cellar when I find it. I priced it at 40 dollars on the Web. but I paid 1.50 for it.  I ask you is it worth 40 dollars or 1.50?
Going to thrift store can be very educational. If you study period artifacts like candle holders or textiles or table ware the process of rejecting items can make that study come alive. the joy of finding something right is wonderful because it links up all that data in your mind. It is lots of fun. 
I used to go to flea markets with Mistress Branywn and I learned so much about Medieval Arts and Crafts. I wish I had people to go with me. 
I find the same thing about eBay. 
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