[Ansteorra] Question for the Hive mind. - Atypical Scottish Targes.

Eric W. Brown Brown.EricW at jobcorps.org
Mon Nov 15 07:39:47 PST 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to research atypical late period Scottish Targes.
I've found lots of mentions of them, but no real documentation or details.

Examples of what has been mentioned:

 - Center Grip targes (only actual one I can find is many centuries BC, and while cool, not really a targe, imho but   a celtic center grip round)
 - Targes made from metal instead of wood.
 - Larger than 21"  or smaller than 18"
 - Concave shaped targes.

Can anyone direct me towards documentation on any of these unusual targes that are mentioned in the



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