[Ansteorra] Estrella Special Events Deadline/ A&S Categories

Mineko Murai mineko.murai at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 13:24:43 PST 2010

Special Events:

Estrella War is approaching! If you are planning a hard suite, rapier,
archery, siege, and/or equestrian special event (i.e. Countess
Mariana’s Roses Cancer Tournament) please submit your request by Nov.
21, 2010. Submitting by this date ensures your event will get
published in the Gatebook, if submitted after this date the event will
be placed on the website but cannot be guaranteed to be published in
the gate book.  The special event form is found on the Estrella War
webpage under Activities then click on Special Event to view the page
with the form.
Any questions please contact:
Katrina von Rosenberg  -
Estrella War Emergency Deputy Main
Special Events Coordinator
Specialevents AT estrellawar DOT org

Estrella Arts & Sciences Competition:
>From the Kingdom of Atenveldt Minister of Arts & Sciences about
Estrella War XXVII[2011] A&S Competition…
Unto the artisans of the known world, THL Raven Mayne Kingdom of
Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Minister, send greetings!

Preregistration for Estrella War A&S Competition is now open. For
those planning to participate, you will need to Pre-register by
Saturday January 22, 2011. To find all of the information you can go
to the Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Website and click on the
“Estrella” tab, http://arts.atenveldt.org/Estrella.aspx. There you
will find the easy to fill out and use online form,
or print out and send in form,
The rules and categories for (Estrella War XXVII; February 2011) A&S
Competition and the official Categories for (Estrella War XXVIII;
February 2012) that was decided at Estrella War Treaty Negotiations
can be found on the Estrella War Website.

The Categories for Estrella War .xxvii. A&S Competition agreed upon at
the Treaty Negotiations (17 October 2009), are: (with a slight
modification to Heraldic Banner, Flag or Standard category[are shown
in capitol letters below] made at this years EW Treaty)
-Toys - includes any item used by children in Western Europe during
the SCA time period. Entry may have several pieces but will all be
used for the same item(e.g. wooden blocks).
-Heraldic Banner, Flag or Standard – Single item may represent any
group or INDIVIDUAL within the SCA and will be completed in fabric.
Decoration may be done by any medium documentable to the SCA time
period. (ex., painting, embroidery, appliqué). Heraldry should be
BASED on registered SCA-specific heraldry.
-Woven Textiles—Includes card weaving, tapestry weaving, and the
production of woven fabrics (e.g. brocade, damask, plain, satin,
tapestry, twill, etc.). Entry should be complete length of weave of
something that is ready to be sewn or otherwise completed.
If you have any questions please contact me at asmin AT Atenveldt DOT org
Always in Service,
THL Raven Mayne
Atenveldt Minister of Arts & Sciences

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