[Ansteorra] Reminder: CoH Decision Meeting at BAM

Joseph Percer jpercer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 13:53:53 PST 2010

Greetings Unto Ansteorra and her College of Heralds!

I just wanted to give one last reminder to all that the CoH will be
hosting a decision meeting for the October 2010 Internal Letter of
Intent, on Saturday November 19th at 12:30 PM at Autumn Melees. The
meeting will likely take place at Herald's point and will conclude no
later than 2:00 PM. Anybody is welcome to attend, especially if you
are a submitter and have an item under consideration at this meeting.
Even if you don't have an item under consideration but are interested
in the process, we encourage you to stop by.

Prior to the Meeting, Baron Tostig Logiosophia will be teaching a
class on Following the Submissions Process in Ansteorra. I highly
recommend attending this class if you've ever wondered what happens to
your submission after you give it to the heralds. The class will occur
at 11:00 AM and last until 12:00 Noon.

The submitted items for consideration are:

Aell de Wilde (Gate’s Edge, Shire of) New Name and Device.
Ætheldreda de Dunbretane (Bryn Gwlad, Barony of) New Name.
Agnes Turnbull (Gate’s Edge, Shire of) New Name and Device.
Cymme in kyrra (Barony Bordermarch) Resubmitted Device.
Ekarius von Krüssen (Steppes, Barony of) New Name Change.
Georges le Breton (Gate’s Edge, Shire of) New Name and Device.
Gera von Roer (Steppes, Barony of) New Name Change.
Gwenlliana Lovelady (Raven’s Fort, Barony of ) Resubmitted Name.
Robert Coleford (Gate’s Edge, Shire of) New Name Change.
Silvius Foppa (Elfsea, Barony of) New Name and Device.
Vaclav Slovaczek (Barony Bordermarch) New Device.

You can review the commentary and submissions at the following link
(Incidentally, all commentary is available here and if you're minded
to become a commenter, you're more than welcome to do so!)


I strongly advise you review the commentary before attending the
meeting, as I'll have limited copies of it available At the meeting.

I hope to see you all there on Saturday at Melees!

Pray know that I remain Yours in service,

Señor Jayme Dominguez del Valle
Bordure Herald

Joseph M. Percer, AAS, LP

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