[Ansteorra] Order of Chivalry Website

Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 15:16:13 PST 2010

Greetings Ansteorra!

I wanted to bring your attention to a work that is still in progress, but is
looking very good, and we're proud of it.

We have a fantastic site which is a tribute to the Orders of Chivalry of


You can get to the site in various ways from the Ansteorra site or from the
College of Heralds, in case you lose the link.

At any rate, this site has been a labor of love and devotion.  We've had a
lot of people work on it extensively and contribute to it in various ways.

First, Duke Gunthar really helped get a slowly moving ball rolling down hill
when he was King. First of all, Lord Garreth Silverthane who has done a TON
of programming, database, art, heraldry images, upgrades to the admin
module, and constant tweaks and improvements, We've had contributions from
Baroness Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio and HL Aladair MacEogan as well
as the generous and ongoing contributions of several members of the College
of Heralds -  Mistress Emma de Fertherstan, Lady Alys Langton, and Lord
Jayme Dominguez del Valle.  Sir Giotto helped in administering for a time as
well.  Thanks!  If in my ignorance I have forgotten anyone, I sincerely
apologize and will rectify the situation.

We've received pictures from all over the place.  :)  In particular I would
like to thank Duchess Rowan for contributing a plethora of scans of older
photos from her collection.

I ask you, Ansteorra, please go check out the site.  Kick the tires and slam
the doors.  There are things we're still working on.  I have heralds working
'round the clock upgrading heraldic images so they all look shiny and
high-resolution.  Many of these profiles do not have even a single photo of
the member.  I'm hoping to have a picture of each member, one in armour and
one in court-like garments.  If you have pictures in your collection of
digital images, please send them to me.  If you have photos that can be
scanned, please do so.  If you do not have the technology to scan, but have
photos to fill in missing places, let me know!  We'll work something out,
and get them scanned and back to you safely.

If a member of either order is listed as "inactive or out of kingdom" and
ISN'T inactive our out of kingdom, the responsibility is mine, no offense
was intended, and it's a VERY simple thing to correct.  If a member has been
to one event in the last 20 years but wishes to be listed as "active" that's
just fine!  Just drop me a note and I'll have it corrected the next time I'm

Commentary is always welcome.

I look forward to you all checking it out, and hope to get more images to
put up, particularly of members who no longer play!

Yours in Service to Ansteorra,

Sir Morgan Buchanan
Earl Marshal and minor web-geek

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