[Ansteorra] Authorizing cards to go out on Monday if not retrieved at BAM

Torinsmail torinsmail at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 18 13:35:13 PST 2010

Authorizing cards I am taking to BAM and mailing on Monday if not retrieved there:

**marshals—if you e-mail me the forms, please don’t mail me the originals.  I don’t have any way of knowing that it is a duplicate and I end up making multiple cards for the same form—thanks**

As usual:

If you have submitted an authorization form and it’s been >4 days since it was mailed to me and a name is missing from the list, you will need to contact me to verify that it hasn’t been received.  

If you have submitted an authorization via e-mail and you did not receive a confirmation e-mail that it was received, then it was filtered by the manic junk mail filter.

If you turned in your authorization form to an authorizing marshal to be mailed to me, and it has been more than a couple of weeks, and your name isn’t on the list, please contact the authorizing marshal to verify that it wasn’t accidentally left in a folder.  (We’re all human, ya know J )

Happy Fighting…

1.       Atwood, M

2.       Baker, T

3.       Beers, L

4.       Berry, B

5.       Blatzheim, M

6.       Blatzheim, N

7.       Butts, G (will need address to mail)

8.       Chonka, T

9.       Clark, M

10.   Dolby, R

11.   Dollar, N (was returned for insufficient address)

12.   Engelke, J

13.   Hays, R

14.   Law, W

15.   Ledbetter, P

16.   Lyndoker, P

17.   Murphy, S

18.   Price, M

19.   Redmond, D

20.   Ruark-Cavett, S

21.   Rutledge, A

22.   Scammel, C

23.   Schraeder, R

24.   Schroeder, T

25.   Segrest, R

26.   Smithwick, C  (will need address to mail)

27.   Szymanski, B

28.   Twing, J

29.   Weber, B

30.   Willett, W

Khayra bint Tahir ibn Rashid (Kajira Camber)
Baroness of Wiesenfeuer
Marshallate Secretary for the Kingdom of Ansteorra
Kingdom Chamberlain of Ansteorra

m.k.a. Kory Lewis
a.k.a. Rabbit Herder
torinsmail at hotmail.com

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