[Ansteorra] lodge at gulf wars

Brett Chandler-Finch naturemakeswell at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 20:53:44 PST 2010

Masonic Bretheren,

I spoke with a brother from another part of the country who talked about
holding a lodge at their events  (I believe this was a civil war reenactment

Would there be interest among the bretheren to coordinate a lodge during
Gulf Wars on site.   I will initiate contact with Mississippi to obtain
dispensation and can coordinate the specifics if there is enough interest.
We would need to have twice the indispensable number willing to commit
before I will contact Mississippi.

If you have any questions  I can be reached privately at

Brett Chandler-Finch
8401 Treehouse Ln
Austin, TX 78749
naturemakeswell at gmail.com

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Brett Chandler-Finch
The physician heals, Nature makes well.

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