[Ansteorra] Stargate Yule Class Supply List - Building a 14th Century Hairstyle

Michele Reichek txcolorandstyle at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 21:10:55 PST 2010

Bonsoir mes amis,

I wish to present to you all my class on how to build a 14th Century hairstyle 
to be taught at the upcoming Stargate Yule, and provide perspective students 
with a supply list.  Please review the list and explanation below, and contact 
me should you have any questions.  If you wish to attend the class but do not 
wish to make the hairstyle, you are welcome to observe and take notes.  I look 
forward to seeing everyone there :)

Merci beau coup,
Mademoiselle Jeanne-Marie la Verriere

Building a 14th Century Hairstyle - 2pm

In this class, we will discuss  the various ways a lady could wear her hair in 
the 'side braids' style.   This is an easy hairstyle to accomplish with 
naturally long hair using  only a few large hairpins, and hairstyling products 
if desired.   However, if the wearer has short hair, there is a way to create 
this  hairstyle easily using faux hair, a headband, and a few craft supplies.   
We will create the hairstyle in class, and then discuss how best to  wear it and 
with what clothing.

Class Supplies List

*For Long-Haired Ladies*

2 straight faux hair lengths matching your hair color (*needed only if your hair 
is very thin or damaged)
4 large u-shaped hairpins (get these at Hobby Lobby in the metal jewelry area, 
$1.99 for 4)
package of regular hairpins (NOT bobby pins; get these at Sally's for $1.99)
styling products if desired (smoothing balm, hairspray)

*For Short-Haired Ladies*

3 straight faux hair lengths matching your hair color
one thin plastic headband (the kind without teeth)
2 yards plain ribbon matching your hair color
glue gun
6-10 glue sticks
styling products if desired (smoothing balm, hairspray)

*Please  bring your coronet, circlet, wimple, etc. that you wear frequently on  
your head so that we can make sure the braids are set at the right  angle.

Where to find faux hair
Check your local yellow pages  for places that specialize in selling wigs and 
hair extension supplies.   Most of these stores cater to the African-American 
community,  and  offer LOTS of choices for types of false hair.  If you aren't 
sure what  you need, the owner should be able to point you in the right 
direction.   If you are unable to find a wig shop, ask a hairdresser or braid  
stylist.  Do NOT buy your hair at Sallys, they are severely over-priced.

You  will want to buy loose Kankelon hair meant for weaving.  These should not 
be  more than $2-4 a length/ bag.  Do NOT buy wefts, which are pieces of  hair 
with a sewn seam along the top meant for hair extensions- they do  not work for 
this technique!  Try to bring a friend to help you match  your hair color, and 
if the shop owner will let you, try to match it  outside in the sunlight.  False 
lighting can sometimes skew the true  color. 


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