[Ansteorra] Chivalry Calendar

Michele Reichek txcolorandstyle at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 2 16:12:26 PDT 2010

I saw on Facebook recently a calendar that the Middle Kingdom is offering to the 
populace, and I have to say, wow!  It was done beautifully and tastefully, and 
really shows off what they consider to be the flower of Chivalry.  I wondered 
right away......is this something that we might be able to do?  I think its a 
great idea, and we have amazing Knights in this Kingdom.  Also, what about using 
this as a fundraiser for the new Crowns?  And why limit a calendar to just the 
Knights?  A Laurel calender would be pretty cool too......and maybe one of the 
Royal Ramily?



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