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gail young gwynethb63 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 17 17:28:31 PDT 2010

I had the same boots.  After about the first year, the heels had begun 
to collapse to the outside.  After 3-4 years, I couldn't stand it 
anymore and ordered a new pair.  Once they were ordered, I cut off the 
collapsed heel and replaced it with one made of oak (a process that 
entailed replacing the insole with a double-layer leather insole to 
which I riveted the metal shank).  However, about the third time I wore 
the new boots, I fought in a tournament.  By the time the tournament was 
over, the heels of the new boots had split open.  SCAboots are for 
casual wear, not for fighting.  (I'm still wearing my wooden-heel pair 
of SCAboots.)

There is a company right here in Ansteorra called RenBoots 
(http://www.renboots.com).  If I recall correctly, when I spoke to the 
owner of the company (we both patronize the same liquor store), all but 
his least expensive boots and shoes are made in the USA.  They are a bit 
pricier than the $100 Robin Hood boots from SCAboots, but most of them 
include a "fighting sole" option.

  In Service,
    Miles Grey

Germanicus de Atlan wrote:

>Having twins in college has me on a tight budget, but I ordered the Mens Robin boots from SCA Boots
>3 years ago for $99 and am still enjoying them at every event.  VERY comfortable, and I wear a size 10 1/2.
>Here's the website:
>At your service,

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