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Sun Oct 17 19:06:31 PDT 2010

Dale Carroll wrote:

>> There is a company right here in Ansteorra called RenBoots
>> (http://www.renboots.com).  If I recall correctly, when I spoke to the
>> owner of the company (we both patronize the same liquor store), all but
>> his least expensive boots and shoes are made in the USA.  They are a bit
>> pricier than the $100 Robin Hood boots from SCAboots, but most of them
>> include a "fighting sole" option.
>>  In Service,
>>    Miles Grey
> Issue 13
>> *****************************************
> Thank you so much for posting this.  This company has taken over 
> making the court shoes that Dreamshoes used to make at TRF.  For 
> several years tons of people wore these shoes as they were reasonably 
> priced and very comfortable. However, the gentleman who produced them 
> passed away and they were out of production.  Apparently they reached 
> an agreement whereby they can now produce the exact same shoe.  It's 
> the Concho design.  Having worn two pairs of these out over 8 years of 
> fighting, I  am thrilled to be able to buy another pair.

So that means Lord Malachai was the person who called while I was at the 
Renboots office.  :-)

I was able to stop by and pick up a pair of the "Mutiny" boots.  They 
run wide, so they're a little wide for my narrow feet.  Doug & Kim Dealy 
own the business, and Doug was there.  He showed me the sewing room 
where they sew most of their leather products (he cuts a lot of the 
leather himself).  He said that the Mutiny boot (Treason Footwear) is 
made in China, the Edward boot (Renboots) is made in Mexico, and all the 
rest of the boots and shoes and everything else they sell (including the 
Kommando Kilts products) and are made in the United States.  Some of the 
shoes are made here in Oklahoma City.  The Kommando Kilts Celtic Shirt 
(http://www.kommandokilts.com/Shirts.html) is made in Dallas.  Although 
it's definitely not a retail location, I noticed the shirts as I walked 
by.  I tried on the 2X size, and when it fit very nicely (with sleeves 
long enough for me!), I couldn't resist buying one.  It's a well-made 
shirt if a tad bit pricey at $58 (or so I think - I haven't priced 
shirts from other sources).

Doug said the Mutiny boot isn't meant for fighting, but I'll try it out 
at fighter practice and see how it holds up.  Unfortunately, the Romeo 
boot has to be made when ordered.  Most of their stock is out of the 
facility at TRF and another Ren Faire in New York.

  In Service,
    Miles Grey

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