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if I provided for shipping costs, would you be able to ship some of them to Waco? Due to work I cannot attend the event.


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Subject: [Ansteorra] free olive leaves, for tea, etc.
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If you are attending Judgement of Paris http://luridmusestudios.com/SCA/BaronialWeb/JudgementFallEvent/default.htm
this upcoming weekend and are suffering from the various ailments going around, please note I will have some fresh olive leaves that you can take home with you to make tea. You can then dry them at home for long term use, or use the fresh ones within the week. Just steep leaves for about 5 minutes.This makes a nice iced tea, but for 'crud' control it is best to drink it hot.
Olive leaf tea has 5 x the antioxidents etc of green tea. http://www.the-color-of-tea.com/olive-leaf-tea.html
You can also make olive leaf jelly.
Some leaves will be available during the day Sat. with the rest becoming available after feast.

Debora of Durham.
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