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> This is a short poem in Old and Modern English to mark the 944th
> anniversary of
> the Battle of Hastings, with a clear Anglo-Saxon bias.  Any errors are my
> own
> and account for my lack of skill at composing.  For those who can, enjoy.--
> Wihtric hlafard Wihtmunding, wyrdwritere Steppes.
> EALA ansteorraland, eadig and micel,
> Lo Ansteorra, noble and great,
> herie and heorcnie ymb harolde cyning,
> Hear and harken about King Harold
> wiþ denum gefeohte, wiþ norðmannum forðgan.
> against the Danes he fought, against the Normans he died.
> cynehlaford þa dene cwellode þa cwice suð gegan.
> The royal lord qwelled the Danes then quickly went south.
> comon wilhelm and flota, cynehelm to gewinnienne.
> Came William and the fleet, crown to win.
> wærloga was harold hatan, westseaxe cynn bismerede.
> Oath-breaker Harold was called, Westseaxe cynn bismerched.
> husceorlas mid hildebordas æt hæstingaceastre plegedon.
> Huscarls with battle-boards at Hastings played,
> fyrd gefeohte and fela norðmen geslogon.
> The army fought and many Normans slew.
> eac æþele hlafard, ænglandes cyning feoll,
> But the noble lord, England's king fell,
> Isenscot on eagan fleag, ealle wearþ gelosede.
> Iron-shot in eye flew, all became lost.
> banhus his saweleas, bearn Godwines dead.
> His bone-house soulless, child of Godwin [was] dead.
> heriaþ we on thissum dæge Harold cyning,
> Praise we on this day King Harold,
> weard ængelcynnes, wealdend rihtfulla.
> Warder of English kind, the rightful wielder.
> lange libbe ænglaland! lange libbe ansteorraland!
> Long live England! Long live Ansteorra!
> Soðlice.
> Truly
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