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Olive competition, (see below for details). Some ideas and possibilities. Please cross post.
For artists, the olive branch was an important symbolic element.

Wood, icons, ceramics, stained glass, jewelry, stone carving, metalwork, etc might have had olive branch motifs, (you'll have to check this yourself for your medium).
Heraldic symbol ? I think Henry II may have had an olive branch as part of his heraldry.
Used in making the 'Tadelakt' water resistant finish found in Moroccan buildings. Would love to see a hand basin or wash bowl using this finish.
Cosmetics, soaps, perfumes etc.
Cooks. Olive trees were found in all lands surrounding the Mediterranean so dishes from a variety of cuisines could have used olives/olive oil. Olive trees were probably first domesticated in Syria around 6,000 BCE and slowly spread around the Mediterranean. Spain and Tunisia had olive trees before the Romans arrived, so the use of olive oil must be firmly entrenched in many of these cuisines.
Researchers. History of, uses of, trade in, agricultural practices, symbolism of, use as 'holy oil' in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religions, recipe redactions, the butter/oil divide, comparison to other oils available in period, etc.

Remember you can enter and/or display your entry at Kingdom A&S, which I heartily encourage.

Competition details.
 There will be 3 prizes. 1st place, gift basket and $100, 2nd place, gift basket and $50, and 3rd place, gift basket and $25.
Saundra Winokur of 
http://www.sandyoaks.com/index.html is kindly hosting a Kingdom wide A&S competition for research papers and static displays that have to do with Olives or Olive oil in period. There will be 3 prizes, an open day to showcase all entries on Feb 26th, plus a radio presenter will be there as well as possible TV & print coverage. 
You do not have to be present to win, but if your's is a static display it must be present to be judged. Research paper deadline is Feb. 12th. 2011.
So did your art or craft use olive oil? Soaps, cooking, perfume, clay lamps, cosmetics, woodworking, medicine, history of growing, harvesting, etc all immediately come to mind. Be creative. 
Please consider entering as this is a great opportunity to showcase our talent to a wider audience, and for us all to learn more about an item that was integral to many aspects of period life.

 Any questions to Deboramarzec at aol.com

Debora of Durham. OL

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