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Salut cozyns,

I know a Laurel in the Caid, can't recall his name at the moment, who  
used cheap wood chisels (purchased with pinking in mind), a mallet,  
and a block of lead to pink against. When the surface of the lead got  
too badly scarred, he would pound out the scars with a hammer.

His pinked work was extraordinary.

En Lyonel

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On Oct 24, 2010, at 10:02 AM, Carol Ross <gdc at stormypetrel.org> wrote:

> Hi William,
> Pinking occurred very late in period for the SCA so when you say  
> tunic do you perhaps mean a doublet?
> As for your questions:
> 1) Silk and Wool are your best bet for pinking. You do the slashing  
> on the bias and that prevents it from raveling too much. Although,  
> if studied you will find that in period pinking occurred both on the  
> bias of the fabric and not on the bias. Linen is not tightly woven  
> enough to pink without it unraveling too much.
> 2) You can wash it however be aware this can be problematic in many  
> ways. First there is how the silk and wool act when washed. Silk  
> softens and looses its stiffer structure and well if you are not  
> careful wool will felt. And second, the actual pinking itself will  
> start to unravel becoming fuzzy edged. You can see in some period  
> paintings that some pinking looks fuzzier than others. However, I  
> will tell you that in the end I wasn't happy after washing something  
> of mine that had been pinked. So, really I would recommend against  
> washing.
> 3.) The Tudor Tailor website offers the book The Tudor Tailor <http://www.tudortailor.com/bookshoptt.shtml 
> > in which they briefly discuss period pinking tools. I've not seen  
> any for sale on the net. All that being said though I've not looked  
> for any that were made for resale online either. More than likely if  
> you truly want to use a pinking tool you will need to contact a  
> metalsmith or blacksmith to have them made. And finally if you are  
> just going to be cutting a straight line an xacto blade works well  
> for this.
> Baroness Genevieve
>>>> For some strange reason I've gotten it into my head to try to  
>>>> make a
>>>> pinked tunic, but before I do that I was wondering if anyone had  
>>>> the
>>>> answers to a few basic questions.
>>>> 1)      What is the best type of fabric to use? (Silk, linen)
>>>> 2)      Can pinked fabric be washed?
>>>> 3)      Where can I get period pinking tools?
>>>> If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.
>>>> William
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