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>from where I was I could not hear well but I did not recognize the name well
>are there new A&S awards before thistle
>I was told it was like an A&S version of the talon

The A&S version of the Talon *is* the Sable Thistle.  They have the same precedence and similar constitutions.  For a short time there was an A&S version of the Falcon, called the Crown's Favor.

The Ansteorran AoA-level A&S award is the Sable Thistle.  The Ansteorran grant-level A&S order is the Iris of Merit.  The SCA peerage order for A&S is the Laurel.

There's now the Crown's Grace (which will need to be renamed).  This is a non-armigerous award for direct service to the Crown -- primarily for entourage.  It's very likely to have been given out now, near the end of the reign.

No award report for War of Ages has been posted yet.  When it is, you can review it at: 

I hope this helps.

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